Worship and Dance

We help the people come into the presence of God during worship celebrations through praise and worship and dance.

Ministry Heads: Jedidiah Domingo and
Arlei Jaromamay

Ushering and Security Force

We make sure that the people attending the worship celebration feel welcome and are comfortable. We also help maintain order and security during any gathering.

Ministry Heads: Sarah Jane Tantay and
Robert Cabrera

Children Church

We teach and train children about the ways of God, preparing them to become the future leaders of their generation.

Ministry Head: Aris Magmanlac

Technical and Information Support

We provide the necessary audio-visual assistance to ensure the smooth flow of the program and to create a conducive environment for praise and worship.

Ministry Head: Arvin Garvida

Theater and Creative Arts (SCRIPT)

We support big celebrations by coming up with set and production designs and special presentations that will enhance the delivery of the Word of God.

Ministry Head: Anj Dilinila


We are in the forefront of intercession for the church and the leadership, ensuring that the church is strategically hedged against any work of the enemy through constant prayer and fasting.

Ministry Head: Fatima Vega


We provide assistance to the Church Administration Department in counting and documenting all tithes and offering received from the congregation.

Ministry Head: Digna Gelacio

Health Care (Luke)

We help administer emergency medical assistance to anyone who becomes ill or injured while attending the regular church celebrations. We serve to administer first aid until additional help arrives or until the person concerned receives appropriate medical care. We also assist in the church clinic and regularly conduct medical/dental services on mission trips.

Ministry Head: Liezl Esguerra

Table of Communion

We prepare and serve the bread and wine – the elements of the Lord supper – on the first Sunday of the month or as may be scheduled.

Ministry Head : Nida Bancaya