Jesus The Miracle Worker (Water Into Wine)

Jesus The Miracle Worker (Water Into Wine)

Jesus The Miracle Worker [Water Into Wine]

John 2:1-11


I want you to notice three things with me about this miracle.

I. The Reason For the Miracle. (2:3-5) [Dahilan Para Maghimala]

  • The Request of Mary (v. 3)
  • The Response Of Jesus (vv. 4-5).

 II. The Reassurance of This Miracle (2:6-8) [Ang Katiyakan ng Himala]


Four Things We Can We Learn From this Miracle. [4 na bagay tayong matutunan]

  1. This Miracle Assures Us That Jesus is even Concerned About the Little Things In Life. [Tinitiyak ng himala na nagmamalasakit si Jesus kahit sa maliliit na bagay ng buhay.]


  1. This Miracle Assures Us That When God Takes Something That Is Ordinary He Makes It Into Something Wonderful. [Tinitiyak ng himala na kapag kumuha ang Diyos ng isang bagay na ordinary, gagawa Niya itong kamangha-mangha.]


  1. This Miracle Assures Us That With God The Best Comes Last! [Tinitiyak ng himala na sa Diyos ang pinakamaganda ay nasa huli.]


  1. This Miracle Assures Us That God’s Provision is Always Abundant. [Tinitiyak ng himala na ang probisyon ng Diyos ay laging masagana.]


III. The Results of the Miracle. (2:9-11) [Resulta ng Himala]

  • Meet the need.
  • Provide a witness for the deity of Jesus.
  • The one purpose of the Gospel of John: that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. That you may believe and in believing you may have eternal life in His Name.



Jesus is ever present in our lives. He calls upon us to obey and believe. He will meet our needs. Sometimes, He works miracles on our behalf. Always, He is present to sustain us and to guide us. As we follow Him, our faith will be strengthened.



What have you learned about Jesus today?

Do you have a special need that requires a miracle today?

Do you believe that God can do a miracle in your life? Pray for each other.