Igniting The Fire, Compelled To Do The Extremes

Igniting The Fire, Compelled To Do The Extremes

Writer: Cyrilla Jean De Ramon


“Christ’s love has moved me to such extremes” — 2 Corinthians 5:14 (MSG)


In our spiritual journey, it is most of the time our passion for God that pushes us to continue the journey even when the road gets rough. However, during the times that challenges become overwhelming and we feel like we’re slowly devoured by the world, how will we keep running the race?

Radiance of Christ Ministries Int’l figured that its members would find the answer through this year’s Extreme Challenge. This six-week event aims to guide Christians to become mature sons and daughters.

Now, the event’s launch was titled “Ignite” to symbolize the start of our spiritual fire. The special service started with a video which showed the life of a man who was passionate in praising and serving God. But he was caught up by the busyness of the world which eventually drew him away from his family and God.

This was followed by a live portrayal of the different kinds of people struggling with their Christian life: the youth who became doubtful and burnt out, the elder who felt useless in the advancement of the kingdom of God, and the pastor’s kid who became insecure and strayed away from God. However, the relatable depiction of these struggles slowly shifted into revival because of the love that God has for us; and that He continually changes us the way He seems fit—to each his own.

With the expectation for the next two months already set, the Extreme 2018 booklet was introduced; the important manual that will serve as our guide in this journey. Don’t forget to let your L-path leader sign them!

We then learned about the “Spirit-Filled Church” by Ptr. Reggie Castañeda. He stressed the importance of excellence in whatever we do just as how Christ did in His ministry. We were reminded that to be filled with the Holy Spirit means having an active relationship with God and that we let ourselves go and let Him be the one to take over. The whole congregation was challenged when he said that: “a Spirit-filled church will create and impact a difference” and calling each one to “be different, be holy.”

Ptr. Reggie emphasized that Ignite: Extreme Challenge 2018 is not just an event where the leaders will be checking up on us. Instead, it is to create a habit of holiness and to discipline us because it is not what we do inside the church that matters but who we are outside. This challenge’s purpose is for each one to be matured and to have inner governance. Everyone then proceeded to the declaration of commitment to God, a covenant to see the si x-week challenge through.

But before everything ended, we received exciting news. It turns out that the satellite church in Marikina will now be opened. The place they will be residing on can accommodate 300 people and will be led by Bro. Lleo and Sis. Liezl Esguerra. Marikina satellite workers were also called in front as the whole congregation prayed for them as they continue to advance the kingdom of God.

The opening of Ignite: Extreme Challenge 2018 marked the start of a new spiritual journey for the whole RCMI family. Everyone is excited because each one will get to experience our living God continually working in our lives. Everyone is excited because we know that we will have a whole new level of passion for God.

To be compelled means to oblige and to force someone to do something. The question is: up to what extremes are you willing to go for God?

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